Classical Girl Giving is a program established in late 2016, in which The Classical Girl makes a quarterly donation to companies, choreographers and individuals who strive to take ballet out into the world, or use contemporary ballet to deliver important social messages. The program also supports organizations that, in turn, provide financial resources to deserving, self-producing artists. Trying to help make the world a better place through art and dance? Contact us!

2018 Recipients

  • Dancers’ Group/General Fund
  • Miranda Silveira, “Spreading the Love of Dance in the Galapagos” Project
  • Alyce Finwall, Moving Arts Foundation and Artist in Residence Program
  • Leigh Purtill Ballet Company, “Brave Trails Youth Leadership Camp” fund

2017 Recipients

  • Robert Dekkers, artistic director/Post:ballet
  • East Bay Fund for Artists/The McPherson Fund
  • Marika Brussel, choreographer/”From Shadows: a ballet on homelessness”
  • Amy Seiwert’s Imagery/SKETCH series

2016 Recipients

  • Diablo Ballet/PEEK Extension Program

Want to learn more about this program that rewards dance performance artists who are trying to help spread the art of ballet – contemporary and otherwise – into the world? Click HERE to learn about the giving program’s inception.