Classical Girl GivingĀ is a program established in late 2016, in which The Classical Girl makes a quarterly donation to companies, choreographers and/or dance organization that strive to take ballet out into the world, or use ballet to deliver important social messages. Trying to help make the world a better place through art and dance? Contact us!

2016 Recipients

  • Diablo Ballet/PEEK Extension Program

2017 Recipients

  • Robert Dekkers, artistic director/Post:ballet
  • East Bay Fund for Artists/The McPherson Fund
  • Marika Brussel, choreographer/”From Shadows: a ballet on homelessness”
  • Amy Seiwert’s Imagery/SKETCH series

Want to learn more about this program that rewards dance performance artists who are trying to help spread the art of ballet – contemporary and otherwise – into the world? Click HERE to learn about the giving program’s inception.