World Ballet Day – times, deets, links

Want deets for the Oct 5, 2017 event? Click HERE! Ballet fans around the world, mark the date: Wednesday October 1st. You are about to be blitzed. Never before has there been such a perfect opportunity for fans around the world to wholly immerse themselves in a day of ballet. Five companies, The Australian Ballet, The … Read more

The marvelous, mesmerizing Misty Copeland

She’s got 1,590,000 Google hits. Hers is the ballet dancer name on everyone’s lips. Her athleticism and beauty in the ad for Under Armour this past summer created a sensation that quickly went viral. She’s tiny for a ballet dancer, at five-foot-two. She has curves. She didn’t take her first ballet class until she was … Read more

That Most Embarrassing Moment

We’ve all had them. They made our faces flame as we stood there and desperately wished the ground would open up and swallow us whole. But instead we stuttered our way out of the awkward situation and prayed for time to fast forward to the day where we could chuckle about it, think, “ah, that … Read more

Changes afoot at Pennsylvania Ballet

Editor’s note on April 28, 2016. Yet more changes announced this week. See link below. Changes, did I say? How about “Pennsylvania Ballet dumps, well, pretty much everybody who’d been in charge.” But, well, that’s an awfully long title for a blog, and perhaps a touch histrionic. And I’m not trying to be all theatrical and … Read more