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  1. Hmmm. You know, your comment is more than a little spammy, Steph, but as the link you provided is to an actual ballet video and its press release, and the footage is lovely (great music!), so hey, I’ll let it stay. And just a note to my readers, the ballet video is short but real, and worth a peek.

  2. Dear Mrs. Rose,
    Today I visited your blog and read the story of the stolen strad violin. It made me think of a story my celloteacher told me about his mistake with the Guarneri cello, he was affered to borrow, on which he played for years before he bought his Rogeri cello. His name was Jean Decroos and at the time he was the principal cellist of the Concertgebouw Orchestra, nowadays wellknown as he worldfamous Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra from Amsterdam. He told us this story in 1970, when my wife and I were cellostudents at the Conservatory of Amsterdam.
    Well, the concertgebouw orchestra happened to be on tour in Switzerland, where they stayed for a few nights in Geneva, in some of the great hotels near the Pont du Mont Blanc at the Lake of Geneva.

    After the concert he was on his way back to the hotel and remained on this bridge for a considerable time talking with a colleague from the orchestra who stayed in another hotel. Finally they agreed to return to their hotels and left the bridge.

    The next morning he woke up late en had to hurry for the orchestra rehearsal. He would pick up his Guarneri cello, but it was not in his room. Thinking of the last time he saw his cello he suddenly realized that he had put it on the sideway of the bridge while talking with his colleague and that he returned to his hotel without his valuable cello worth at the time about 750 thousand

    In great distress he ran to the spot where he had been on the bridge. It was very crowdy, thousands of people went to their job in the morning, walking or by car. To his relief the cello was still on the same spot, about 8 hours after he had left it! The crowd on the bridge carefully and respectfully walked around it and had left it untouched. He could pick up this Guarneri cello, no one asked him anything and he walked to the rehearsal as if nothing had happened.

    Isn’t this story uplifting? Thousands of ordinary and perhaps important people who leave one’s own as it is

  3. It was a pleasure to meet you today at the SF Ballet. I look forward to reading your Sleeping Beauty review and your novel, Off Balance. Have you seen Sari Wilson’s novel, Girl Through Glass?

    • Arthur, thanks so much for dropping me a line here! It was great to meet you, as well — what a fun performance that was, the fine dancing and music, along with great conversation. Yes, I read and enjoyed Sari Wilson’s GIRL THROUGH GLASS. It’s on my “10 Ballet Novels for Adults” list/blog ( ). She gave my novel, OUTSIDE THE LIMELIGHT, a glowing endorsement and helped me spread the word about it. Wonderful author, wonderful (but often sorrowful) book.


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