No, it’s not too late for her!

People sometimes think ballet training is like classical music training (meaning, starting early, and young, can be a tremendous boost) and they might inadvertently dissuade a niece or a young family friend, who longs to dance, but is already in middle school. I answered this question over at my Q&A page, and thought the information … Read more

Why I don’t miss dancing en pointe

Night three of Nutcracker performances when I danced Sugar Plum Fairy, back in the day. Ow. Must confess to more than one bout of crying and “I’m not sure I can go up on pointe – it hurts too much!” rant. But of course I did. With a smile. Oh, my. I do not miss … Read more

Thumbs Up For SF Ballet’s Program 4

Watching “Within the Golden Hour, ” the second ballet of the San Francisco Ballet’s Program 4 was, to me, as satisfying as it gets. “I may as well go home now,” I joked afterward, amid the applause, to the woman next to me. “It can’t get better than this.” But, surprise. The third ballet was another … Read more