Beginner’s Remorse

Congratulations, you’ve done it. Whether for the violin or for ballet or [insert name of creative endeavor you’ve been talking about doing for years now], you signed up for the class, maybe even paid for the first month. Yay! Congratulations! Except that now, the start-date looming closer, closer, maybe the prospect of showing up for … Read more

Ballet in the Mainstream

I just finished an article by blogger Rainesford Alexandra in the Huffington Post, about the rise of ballet in the mainstream. Great article, intelligent and insightful. You can find the link to it below. I, for one, have relished the way ballet has re-entered the mainstream in the past several years. I was a teenager … Read more

Adult Ballet Classes

Here’s one of the best things about spending that (gasp) $$ for an adult ballet class. The air radiates with good intention and enthusiasm. No one is there just because they’re “putting time in.” This is not the gym where it’s enough to show up, or go because your spouse bought you a membership. Not … Read more