10 ballet novels [for adults] you’ll love

Interested in my dance-related fiction? Check out Off Balance and the award-winning Outside the Limelight, Books 1 and 2 of the Ballet Theatre Chronicles, as well as A Dancer’s Guide to Africa. Forthcoming in January 2021 is Ballet Orphans, a Ballet Theatre Chronicles prequel. For a long time, “ballet fiction” meant the books that catered to young girls, slim tomes with … Read more 10 ballet novels [for adults] you’ll love

Dancer-turned-writer Grier Cooper’s WISH

It is the deepest wish for countless young, aspiring ballet dancers: to become a professional ballet dancer, join a prestigious company, perform onstage throughout the world and get paid to dance, dance, dance. Former professional ballet dancer Grier Cooper achieved that wish. Chosen at fourteen to train at the School of American Ballet, she went … Read more Dancer-turned-writer Grier Cooper’s WISH