Violinist versus Bass Guitar Man

Advisory: this blog entry carries with it a *NSPCMOBG rating and may not be suitable for young guitarists. Back in 2006 when I was a new violin student, I wrote this for my blog at ( Dang. It STILL makes me laugh. Indulge me, dear reader. And laugh with me. Or maybe–gulp!–get offended. Um, please … Read more

How the violin un-stole Christmas

(This essay originally appeared in the L.A. Daily News on 12/11/2005) December, the “season of cheer,” never fails to evoke ambivalent feelings in me. Yes, there are the twinkling lights and ringing of bells; crimson and gold decorations adorning shops; the intoxicating whiffs of Christmas wreaths and kitchens redolent of freshly-baked cookies. But December is … Read more