Violinist versus Bass Guitar Man

Advisory: this blog entry carries with it a *NSPCMOBG rating and may not be suitable for young guitarists. Back in 2006 when I was a new violin student, I wrote this for my blog at ( Dang. It STILL makes me laugh. Indulge me, dear reader. And laugh with me. Or maybe–gulp!–get offended. Um, please … Read more

Play the violin in 5 easy steps!

  I know, it sounds like a horrible, cheesy infomercial. But the truth is this: if you’ve always wanted to play the violin, or have mused about what it must be like, but you’re thinking, nah, too much involved, well, I’m just saying, the opportunity might be closer than you imagine. 1) Go to a … Read more

Classical Girl’s Violin Debut at DWF Airport

I’m traveling this week, which makes for less blog time, so I thought I’d be lazy and deposit an old, favored blog in here that I wrote five-ish years ago. It’s about travel, so that counts, right? And it’s been a while since I’ve given my adult-beginners-on-the-violin readers a story, so here you go. I … Read more