Classical Girl’s New Year’s resolution

Do I want this blog to be the story of the fiery, relentless energy of the ten years in which I produced five muse-inspired novels? The aching loss as the decade-long dream of being traditionally published got pounded down into nothingness? Nah. The New Year is a great opportunity to end a pity party over … Read more

Dancer-turned-writer Grier Cooper’s WISH

It is the deepest wish for countless young, aspiring ballet dancers: to become a professional ballet dancer, join a prestigious company, perform onstage throughout the world and get paid to dance, dance, dance. Former professional ballet dancer Grier Cooper achieved that wish. Chosen at fourteen to train at the School of American Ballet, she went … Read more

That Most Embarrassing Moment

We’ve all had them. They made our faces flame as we stood there and desperately wished the ground would open up and swallow us whole. But instead we stuttered our way out of the awkward situation and prayed for time to fast forward to the day where we could chuckle about it, think, “ah, that … Read more

Pointe Shoe Haiku

Young girl live for dance Teacher say “now pointe shoe time” Finally dream come true   Torture instrument Blame Marie Taglioni Romantic Era   Pink, peach, all hand-made Burlap, glue, many layers Bring lots of money   Freed, Gaynor Minden Feet on fire, toes squished and numb Soon blisters will form   Shoe hard like … Read more

My 100th Post! (Plus a Table of Contents)

Today I bid farewell to the double digits, as 99 posts shifts over to 100. An exciting moment for me – I think I need to celebrate the occasion with cake and champagne. Care to join me? But before that, care to join me in a look back on the last 100 posts? In fact, … Read more