“Adult Ballet’s Dark Side”

The article I just now read is titled “Confessions of an Anonymous Ballet Teacher: Adult Ballet’s Dark Side,” and it’s hilarious and entertaining. I have taken many a ballet class through the years. I briefly taught adult ballet classes, back in the day. I am currently an adult ballet student who, in the studio, is ever scrutinizing, analyzing, observing every dynamic to tuck into my fiction writing, which is frequently set in the ballet world. And, oh my goodness, this author, who chose to remain anonymous, and probably that’s a very good thing – just nailed it. Take a look at the article: http://www.danceadvantage.net/2012/03/07/adult-dancer-personalities/

I was delighted to discover such a fun, well-written article about a subject that so interests me. I haven’t explored the website Dance Advantage prior to this, and what a pleasure it is to come upon it, and the article. They host guest contributors, and feature annual lists of best bloggers to follow, to read up on, and I’m realizing that maybe here, I’ve hit the motherlode, all this good writing and commentary about the ballet world to read, link, emulate. Take a peek at them here: http://www.danceadvantage.net.

But never forget this: adult ballet students have the power to rule the world. Are you a fellow adult ballet student? If so, yay, and send me a shout-out! If not, well… what are you waiting for?

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