Dancer warrior hero: Adrianne Haslet-Davis

In the midst of my efforts to produce a blog-worthy review of San Francisco Ballet’s Program 6, which I attended last Saturday, this dance news arose, something too important not to blog about. Adrianne Haslet-Davis is a dancer, a ballroom dance instructor who was running the Boston Marathon when a bomb exploded right next to her. She lost her foot.

What’s so notable about this, the tragedy of her loss aside, is how she is getting up out of that hospital bed, willing to talk to people, the media, adopting an astonishing “can do,” or more like “I WILL do” attitude about it all. She will return to dance. She will return to run the Boston Marathon again.

Honestly, people like this are one of the reasons I chose to blog, so I could shout out my support and admiration to the whole world. Adrianne Haslet-Davis, you are a warrior woman and a hero and an inspiration to hundreds of thousands (sure to be millions in no time) of people, dancers and non-dancers alike. But especially dancers, I’m going to guess.

Here is a wonderful BBC interview of her. It astonishes me, the way she comports herself with such grace, dignity, candor. What a woman.

And here is an article from the Huffington Post about her:

My next post will be about the San Francisco Ballet’s Program 6, I promise. But this one just had to come first.


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