Thank You, Adult Ballerina Project!

What I’m enjoying most about stepping out into the blogosphere, is discovering all the wonderful people out there who are creating blogs and sites and inviting readers into their worlds, their experiences. Ballet is one of those things that your average neighbor isn’t going to strike up a conversation about, or know how to reply when you natter on about that grande allegro combination that so troubled you in class the previous week. Or the bunion cropping up that makes demi-pointe hurt so much. Or the bargain you got on tights last week – what a coup! But thanks to the Internet, here, at my fingertips, are chronicles of adult beginners at ballet, seasoned dancers, dance teachers and writers, all of whom share this same interest, this hunger to dig ever deeper into the craft, the art, of ballet. Through Dance Advantage, I found the link to Adult Ballerina Project, two great sites, both of which have prompted me, as well, to finally create a blog roll.

I want to offer a special shouted out THANK YOU to Adult Ballerina Project, for giving me the opportunity to talk about my ballet past in a recent interview. I had a lot of fun compiling replies to the questions about dance, what I liked and didn’t, what made me stop and what made me return. You can check out the full interview (and you KNOW you want to) here:

Now that I’ve got this nifty blog roll set up, drop me a line if you’re a dance blogger and would like me to include a link to your site there. Or feel free to post a link to your blog below, in comments, so that others stopping by can go take a peek at your site as well. It’s all about sharing the experience, and the more the merrier!

Thank you Nichelle, from Dance Advantage, and Kristen, from Adult Ballerina Project, for helping me get to better know this lovely online ballet world! May it only be the beginning.

4 thoughts on “Thank You, Adult Ballerina Project!”

  1. Very well said! I too have recently started to blog on my return to the ballet studio. The blogosphere has been such a wealth of support and information I would not have found otherwise. I have enjoyed reading the experiences of people with a variety of experience levels and I feel like I am in good company. I would like to ask you to consider adding my blog to your blog roll. I may have recently started but I have lots to share!

  2. Rachael – done!

    Isn’t it great, the “we’re all in good company” feeling? Thanks for posting the comment instead of just thinking it!


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