OTHER STAGES, and when Amazon ruins your launch day

First things first…

Today, January 25th, Book 4 of the Ballet Theatre Chronicles, Other Stages, has launched!  Woo hoo!

From the author of Outside the Limelight—named a Kirkus Best Book of 2017comes a story about parenting, the performing arts, surviving high school and fighting back, in this gripping finale to the Ballet Theatre Chronicles.

“An accomplished interweaving of character trajectories in the intense world of ballet.”
Kirkus Reviews

Here’s what it’s about:

Katrina Devries, having navigated the cutthroat world of professional ballet to arrive at the top, has found the perfect life as a principal dancer and mother of a three-year-old. But when her partner announces he’s found true love elsewhere and moves out, Katrina’s perfect world begins to crack. Devastated, she turns to April, her best friend among the company’s artistic staff.

April, a seasoned ballet master and parent, is confident she can solve any problem thrown her way and plants a distraction at the studios: a handsome young pianist, eager for work as an accompanist. Only it’s April’s teen daughter, not Katrina, who falls for him, hard.

Now April’s dealing with new, tougher problems on the home front and at the studios, where a celebrity choreographer’s ballet featuring Katrina borders on disturbing. When he and his ballet display violence—toward Katrina—April must make a controversial decision that upends protocol and imperils the careers both she and Katrina have worked a lifetime to build.

I blogged more about the arrival of Other Stages HERE. You can buy an electronic copy HERE.

With Other Stages, the four-book series is now complete. I’ll certainly miss writing about the West Coast Ballet Theatre but the characters will live on in my heart. I think they’ve moved in there, with no intention of ever deserting me. Can’t decide if that’s a great situation or a scary one! Good thing I love them all dearly.

And now for that second thing…

I never want this blog to serve as a place to lodge a complaint, but, then again, hey. When you’re 11 days into a problem with no resolution and little customer support, that kinda makes your blood boil. Particularly when a book launch is involved. But hey, I’m a classy gal. So, in the interest of artfulness, we won’t call this a complaint. We’ll call it a sonnet. A love letter.

O my dear Amazon
Here I sit, on that long-anticipated release date
Of my beautiful Book 4 of the Ballet Theatre Chronicles
Yet with no print copy of Other Stages in hand
No box of said books, to photograph and share
On social media

Therefore, my dear Amazon, this news will have to suffice
Illustrating my joy, my pride
Officially releasing Other Stages into the world

Ah, your quality communication, Amazon!
Through nine days, two dozen emails and two tearful phone calls
Your assurances, your scripted commiseration of how you understand
My frustration
I should worry not! You are aware of the problem!
And you Really Care
Your bots have assured me thus

Someone on the technical team will be back with answers in 24-48 hours
And then another 24-48 hours
And then another 24-48 hours

Heartfelt thanks to you, Amazon, for making this,
My fifth release day/experience, an original one
My print book still “In Review”
11 days now
An eternity
But you Really Care!

Relief, then, and gratitude, for your competition
The more esteemed Barnes & Noble
Print copies can be ordered here, courtesy of Ingram Spark
Hail those who compete with Amazon!
Offering that print option
On this, my grand Release Day

Good thing Amazon doesn’t sell Moët & Chandon
Champagne toasts can still be raised at sunset
Welcome to the world, Other Stages!


8 thoughts on “OTHER STAGES, and when Amazon ruins your launch day”

  1. Waaaaahhh!!@ Oh Amazon, how you have failed miserably!

    But so excited to receive the 4th and yet sadly, final book. Congratulations Miss Rose!

    • Thank you Donna! I’ve SO loved your support through this series. In fact I do believe you’ll find your name, in the Author’s Note/Acknowledgement page, in the back, as one of the readers and supporters I’ve sooooo much appreciated through these years of the Ballet Theatre Chronicles. Big hugs!

    • Eric, your reply makes me feel soooo relieved and happy. It sound like it came off the way I wanted it to, then, and not some whiny, off-putting rant. Thanks for stopping by, and hope to see you next week at the SLV Shut Up & Write meetup!


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