My 100th Post! (Plus a Table of Contents)


Today I bid farewell to the double digits, as 99 posts shifts over to 100. An exciting moment for me – I think I need to celebrate the occasion with cake and champagne. Care to join me? But before that, care to join me in a look back on the last 100 posts? In fact, what this site needs, I now realize, is a Table of Contents. Sure, you can click on Archives, scrolling through them a month at a time, or a category at a time. But that’s a lot of potential scroll fatigue. So how about this – here’s a list of posts/blogs/essays by category. Some are hyperlinked, some aren’t. I’ve yet to discover whether the stress of 100 linked posts will make my blog implode. If you want to read one that’s not hyperlinked, select and cut/paste it into “search.”

Okay, here we go. And BTW, if you see an asterisk in front of a title, it means it’s a post that has drawn a lot of readers. “What do ballet dancers eat?” in particular, draws readers in the triple digits on a daily basis. Cool! Love it when that happens!

First, ballet…


Then, classical music…


Next, the violin…


And now, life…


Culminating with Classical Girl’s fiction in “The Writing Life”

Thank you, thank you, readers and family and friends and all who’ve stopped by The Classical Girl to read one of my yarns. I soooo very much appreciate all of you!

And now, something about a promised glass of champagne, right?


5 thoughts on “My 100th Post! (Plus a Table of Contents)”

  1. Awww, thanks BTFP. And YOU were one of my earliest supporters/followers. Thank you so much, in return! Time for me, now, to drop by your blog and say hi there, too. : )

  2. Your talent and persistence have paid off! Much-deserved congratulations! So much great writing and interesting, informative perspectives. But those hamsters steal the show:)!

    • Thank you so much Kathleen! Well. I’m beaming NOW. : ) And you’re right, those hamsters steal the show. Well, the lone, Russian talking stuffed hamster talking back to the Russian cop – is that the one you’re laughing over? It was one of my early posts and never got much traffic, and I almost wasn’t going to include it in this summary, because it’s not like I wrote an essay, but I watched it again yesterday and laughed so much, I thought, WHY wouldn’t I want this great humor to stay on The Classical Girl? It sure brought entertainment to MY Friday, yesterday.

      And many thanks for all your support, too, Kathleen! Remember my asking you, in that lonely first month, to please come check out a post or two, and you did, and your visit gave me 6 of the 10 views I got that day? Hoo boy, were those early days a test of my faith!


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